My News Punch FD/N/06/06/2019

My News Punch FD/N/06/06/2019

News Links FD/L/02-06-2019 

Social Media Replacement For FB, Twitter


War Crimes, Warmongers….. False Flag, Understanding C Theory… for Research Students…,..

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A brave man is a man who dares to look the Devil in the face and tell him he is a Devil.” “I would rather believe something and suffer from it, than to slide along into success without opinions.”

Sorry I have to use FB thought police guard dog here

Thought Police Guard Dog at it once again Shameless FB

FB new public policy manager for Ukraine is an ex-gov official and ultranationalist who volunteered with fascist party Svoboda in the US-backed coup after the announcement, @Kateryna_Kruk locked her account …..2 faced/hypocrite ultra .. ….tweets here:

Facebook’s new public policy manager for Ukraine Kateryna Kruk is a former government official, diehard nationalist, and anti-Russian jingoist who volunteered with the extreme-right party Svoboda during the 2014 US-backed coup. By Ben Norton   When Facebook hired a new public policy manager for Ukraine, the mega-corporation chose one of the most biased candidates possible: a hawkish jingoist who has worked extensively with the Ukrainian government and the European Union.


The U.S. is at last facing the neocon captivity – Mondoweiss

19 May 2015 – Neoconservatives pushed the Iraq war to help Israel, David Corn … And yes this goes back to rightwing Zionism. …… The destruction of intellectual capital was implemented from what my American friends call the “get-go”.

Declassified Cold War nuclear plans: U.S. would have blown up half the world

Democracy USA Declassified plans, formulated before FDR’s… called for the USAF to drop more than 200 atomic bombs on the cities of the USSR as soon as the bombs could be built. It was….. Soviet Union exploded its own bomb first – thereby posing the threat of retaliation in kind – Scuttled the planned offensive…

Mastodon Todon Read Learn Ignorant…  One rotten egg spoils the whole pudding

Trailer for the new Call of Duty game includes the White Helmets. Not enough emphasis gets placed on video game propaganda; the video game industry pulls in more money than the movie and music industries combined.

OPCW issues report on alleged use of chemical weapons in Douma, Syria. PiersRobinson1 talks about media propaganda in Syria, on NewsWire with ayza_omar.

Stream complete

By Defeating Takfiri ISIS Terrorist That’s one small step for


man, one giant leap for mankind.

ISIS terrorists, defeated by the Syrian Arab Army in the major battles of Der Ezzor and Albukamal east of Syria, have regrouped and launched a new wave of attacks against the SAA posts in the desert with the direct help of the USA and its illegal ‘International Coalition’ which moved its remnants from under fire to safe havens in the depth of the Syrian open desert bordering Iraq in the east and Jordan in the south.

Al-Mayadeen reporter in Damascus Mohammad Al-Khodr had this report in Arabic and we added the English subtitles to it, English transcript is below the video:


Canadian activists  interrupt top apartheid Israel hasbarist Irwin Cotler at fake human rights forum.

Neoliberalism Is Dead—But the Neoliberal Elite Didn’t Get the Memo

At a time when neoliberalism is all but dead, Democrats and the corporate media are pushing Joe Biden, a neoliberal with a track record of supporting corporations and financial interests above the people’s interests


Western  Sham Democracy has no more “guardrails”‏  

This is bad-This is not hate speech but It’s the documentation of hate speech and hate politics and they are different

Mastodon Todon Read Learn Ignorant…  One rotten egg spoils the whole pudding

The White Helmets are al Qaeda auxiliaries.  They are misogynist, sectarian, anti-Christian terrorists.

Canada supports them and all of the sectarian, anti-Christian, misogynist terrorists invading, destroying, and occupying parts of secular, pro-Christian, pluralist, pro-equal rights, civilized Syria. Pictured below we see Canada’s NDP foreign affairs critic, Helene Laverdiere, posing with White Helmets personnel inside the Canadian parliament.  (Ken Stone, of the Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War, offers his comments below the picture.)

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